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Wing ‘N Around: Winnipeg’s Rib & Wing Kings

Winnipeg’s new wing joint, Wing ‘N Around, is the go-to place for daily-smoked meats and breads baked fresh every morning. Why settle for anything less than The Peg’s meatiest, juiciest, freshly-smoked wings and ribs?

Carpe Diem?
“Seize the day” - doesn’t that mean fresh-baked breads and meats that are smoked daily? That’s what we thought! So, seize the day and sample our amazing selection of wings, deep-fried perogies, and traditional poutine!

30 Sauces for Wings & Ribs
Hey, 30 NHL teams, 30 sauces for wings and ribs. Okay, just a coincidence, but the shear awesomeness of our dipping varieties is definitely no fluke – we’re serious about flavour!

Delivery, Carry-Out & Dine-In
Wing ‘N Around offers area deliveries and carry-out for when you need to grab and go. Because our wings and ribs practically fly out the door, our indoor seating is rather limited.

Promotions, Lunch & Dinner Specials
Be sure to stop by and check out our current promotions, as well as generous lunch and dinner specials!

Wing it over to our North Winnipeg location, right at the intersection of Main Street and Ridgecrest Avenue. If you don’t have wings, but need wings, check out our map and driving directions on the Contact page.

We also do catering!